Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Welcome to Thailand

So, it has been a fair while since my last post and to say the least, there have been quite some changes in my life. Far too many to list here! So I shall start afresh.

I have just moved to the tiny island of Koh Tao. Koh Tao sits in the western shore of the gulf of Thailand. A short ferry ride from the better known island Koh Samui. I came here to persue my love of Scuba Diving. The plan was to complete my Dive Master training, which would take about a month and a half, and continue on for a few more months working as a Dive Master and Dive Instructor's assistant.

In short, a Dive Master takes certified divers around a dive site and shows them everything worth showing. Not a bad job...diving in the tropics everyday and sharing amazing moments with people who are doing something they absolutely love.

Like I said, that was the plan. And by plan I mean, I booked a ticket on Sunday and left New Zealand on the Wednesday (which is why I didn't say goodbye to many people...sorry!!!). Anyway, while I was deciding what dive school I would do my course with (there are 50 on an island that is about 21 km²) I walked past a Free Diving shop. Last time I was here I was gutted I never gave it a go. So I thought I would try the two day course before I got underway with my Dive Master. 

I can't even describe how awesome it was. I had this total euphoric sense while I was in the water. I haven't mediated before but I imagine this is the feeling you aim for. Complete serenity. On both days I reached the days limit in my first dive, firstly 12 meters and then 20.

At the end of the course my instructor sat me down and said that I should seriously consider doing my Free Diving Master as I was a "complete natural". This is potentially a sales pitch that they spin but hey, I've never been told I was a natural at something! Sold.

The difference between a scuba master and free diving master is that scuba gives you a legitimate qualification, so I could at the end of the course get a job. With free diving the master course is just an intense 5 week training program, where you become a more experienced and better diver. Testing your limits etc etc.

I have enrolled in the advanced free diver course which will take three days. Then I will decide if I follow my heart and do free diving or my head and do scuba, where after forking out a tuition i'll actually be employable.

Stay tuned........dun dun dun ;)

Ps I hope to figure out how to post images from my iPad onto here by my next post.


  1. Sounds like the beginning of an incredible adventure! Anything underwater is wondrous and I don't think you need to be told to go all out, enjoy the fun :)

  2. Sounds like a blast! V envious right now! Have fun Soren x